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How to Be an Amateur

Being an Amateur Means You’re Not a Pro.

Will Bowles
2 min readMar 2, 2021


These are things you should do if you want be an amateur. There is nothing wrong with being an amateur. But understand that being an amateur means you’re not a pro.

Realize that amateurs don’t get paid, and they sing extremely good at karaoke to feel like they are living out their dream of being a musical artist, instead of recording and releasing songs on the internet.

The amateur is the impostor.

  1. Amateurs spend their free time binge-watching Netflix instead of practicing.

They also spend too much time watching YouTube videos but for them it’s research.

It’s not research. It’s just you wasting time.

You're not fooling anybody but yourself.

2. Amateurs spend hours scrolling up and down on Instagram and TikTok, liking and leaving comments because it’s “networking.”

It’s not networking. It’s just you avoiding the work you were called to do.

3. Amateurs believe that having tons of followers and pageviews will pay their bills.

I’m sorry to tell you but they don’t.

4. Amateurs say they’re working on new projects on social media but never show the work.



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