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Is $GME the Greatest Pump and Dump in American History?

It doesn’t look like we’re going to the moon.

Will Bowles
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


GME roared in January reaching $379 a share.

But February is here and it appears the party is over.

We aren’t going to the moon.

GameStop stock hasn’t just fallen, it’s crumbled.

Today, it’s trading at $60 a share.

And this downward trend will continue for the time being.

Will we call the GME the greatest pump and dump in American History when it’s all over?

It seems likely.

Everything so far has fallen in line with classic pump and dump behavior.

What’s a pump and dump?

A pump-and-dump is a financial scam.

It’s people boosting the price of a stock by spreading misinformation.

Pump and dumps are dangerous and your money can vanish overnight.

But the dump isn’t the part we should worry about.

What’s worrisome is people on r/WSB still saying hold the line and buy the dip.

If you’re reading this don’t hold the line.

It’s time to let go.

If you’re reading this don’t buy the dip!

This is the end of the line for the wild ride that was the GameStop stock.

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