Medium Claps are the Small Wins Every New Writer Needs

Will Bowles
5 min readNov 21, 2019

How small wins can inspire new writers to keep writing

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I’m grateful for all of my small wins because they keep me going.

Jay-Z has a song on the Blueprint 3 called “A Star is Born” featuring J. Cole, I think it was one of the first big opportunities J. Cole got at the start of his career, but this isn’t about J. Cole but in a way it is.

This is about the Hook to that song and how it relates to Medium Claps and what those claps mean for new writers.

The Hook for “A Star is Born” by Jay-Z feat. J.Cole:

“Every day a star is born (can you say New York City)

Clap for ’em, clap for ’em, clap for ‘em”

Jay-Z raps about seeing all his peers, and himself make it to the top of the rap game. And J. Cole is amazing because this is his start and he asks, “Can I be a star?”

For new writers starting on Medium, a clap can encourage them to keep writing and sharing their stories.

I got excited when I saw claps on my second story, especially seeing how my first story didn’t get any claps!

I’m using claps as motivation, to keep writing.

Because that shows me, I am getting better.

That’s how I see I am progressing in an upward trajectory.

What are Claps and Why They Matter

The way Medium has defined claps.

Claps allow you to show your support for a medium story and recommend it to your followers.

Bonus tip* You can clap up to 50 times per story.

50 times! That is amazing to me.

Clapping shows a writer we appreciate the work they put into writing their story.

The writer has spent time crafting a well thought out story and has been brave enough to hit publish.

Being brave might not mean a lot to the experienced writer on Medium, but to someone just starting out a clap can keep them writing, have them spend more time on the platform, and invest in themselves to become a better writer.

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