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The Price You Pay Watching YouTube and Netflix

The hidden cost of streaming services

Will Bowles
2 min readFeb 9, 2021


A single person subscription to Netflix cost $8.99 a month. Over the course of a year, your Netflix subscription is going to cost you $107.88 dollars.

Watching videos on YouTube is free and there is no immediate cost associated with watching YouTube videos.

But there is a cost.

An opportunity cost.

You may not be paying with your money like Netflix but you are paying with your time.

And choosing to watch YouTube videos means you’re not using your time to reach your goals.

It means you’re putting off writing or spending time with your family.

Watching videos on YouTube can waste a lot of your time. You lose time when you watch YouTube videos. Time that you can never get back.

You lose time and money when you watch movies and TV shows on Netflix.

How much time do you spend watching videos?

A recent study done by OnePoll found that Americans spend 8 hours streaming videos a day.

You can easily be more productive by cutting time away from watching videos.

What would your life look like with an extra 8 hours a day?

Think about the things you could spend your time on.

You can spend more time writing and write that book you’ve been dreaming about.

You can spend more time connecting with your loved ones.

You can spend more time reaching your goals and becoming successful.

You can learn that new skill you’ve been telling yourself you wanted to learn.

It’s time for us to take back our time and money!

Before you watch your next video on YouTube or Netflix ask yourself how much is my time worth and can I afford to spend my time watching this video?

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